An Open Door

Jesus gave a message to the Church in Philadelphia, also known as “The Faithful Church,” in Rev. 3:7-13 and He clearly stated: “Behold, I have put before you an open door which no one can shut” (verse 8). About a year ago I heard the most powerful message I’ve ever heard regarding this verse in connection with Christians right here in America and the not-too-distant future of America if we don’t wake up. The message is titled An Open Doorby Dr. Michael Youssef at Leading The Way Ministry and is approximately 30 minutes in length.  He is also the founder and senior pastor of The Church of the Apostles (they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year–1987-2012).

This week (the week of February 12, 2012) Leading The Way is broadcasting this message–An Open Door–again on TV and you can listen to it this week by clicking on the highlighted link with the title above as it is linked as their “current message” for this week (the message will automatically start once you’ve clicked on the link). After this week you should be able to access it by clicking on the highlighted link above and look for it in the “Video Archives” list, which lists the titles of previous messages that are available on their website.

Again, I can’t stress enough the importance of listening to this message and it is well worth spending 25-30 minutes it takes to listen to it. If you are like me, we get so caught up in our own little world on a daily basis that we can be asleep at the wheel regarding the dangers in our society that will change the way we live in this country in the not-too-distant future if we fail to heed the warning and continue to focus our lives on ourselves.

And it’s a warning we need to heed . . . .

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