The Pride Factor

Pride . . . it gets in the way of just about everything. Are you winning or losing the battle with it today? It’s insidious, cunning, and hides a lot in the shadow of false humility. A couple of my previous posts are on the issue of pride (Our Default Mode) and humility (Gospel-Powered Humility). So who really owns your heart? You, or the Lord? It can’t be both. (See reblogged post below.) ~Sara’s Musings @

The Daily Way

If praise is such a good idea, why do we resist doing it? There are two apparent reasons.

First, Satan tempts us to complain rather than to praise God. In fact, the enemy will do all within his power to stop us from glorifying the Lord by filling our thoughts with images of fear and defeat. He also knows that when we exalt the Lord, God quickly exposes his dark deception.

Carnality is the second reason people fail to praise God. The unregenerate human mind discredits praise as not being logical or intellectual.

We praise God when we are willing to submit:

  • Ourselves to the Lord. Praise overflows from our lives once we yield ourselves to the Lord and stop resisting His will. We can’t praise Him if we are trapped in disobedience.
  • Our intellect to the Lord. Praise involves faith. It is only when we trust Christ fully that…

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