Entering God’s Presence Through Praise

I don’t know about you, but I know in my own life it has taken a very long time to understand the real power in praising God continually. It changes everything . . . especially our attitude about all the things that happen to us, both good and bad. It takes the focus off of us and our circumstances, and puts it back on God, where it belongs now and throughout eternity. (See reblogged post below.) ~Sara’s Musings @ WordPress.com

The Daily Way

What is praise? It is adoration, thanksgiving, appreciation, and worship of our Lord and Savior. Praise flows from a relationship of love and devotion from us to the Lord. Praise brings us closer to Him. It changes us and helps us grow in our faith. Praise reminds us of who God is. A life filled with praise places us in a position to receive God’s blessings.

C.S. Lewis said:

Only in acts of worship and praise can a person learn to believe in the goodness and the greatness of God. God wants us to praise Him not because He needs or craves in any sense our flattery, but because He knows that praise creates joy and thankfulness.

Praise is not something that we do for God. Nor is it something that we do in order to get God’s approval so that He will grant our desires. When we praise God,

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