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Where do you get your “power” from? Money can give you a sense of power here on earth (as well as adulation and fame), but God’s power in you (to serve others and not yourself) will give you eternal rewards. Which is more important to you, the temporary (this world) or eternity? It’s your choice, but the consequences are staggering if you make the wrong one. (See reblogged post below.) ~Sara’s Musings @

The Daily Way

Our society is fascinated with power. In fact, many people crave it to such a degree that they would do anything to gain more of it. More than likely, these are the very people who have never tapped into the infinite power that has been given to us through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

During the “dot com” boom of the late 90s, many people became overnight millionaires. Their newfound wealth gave them an incredible sense of power, that is, until the stock market crash that followed soon thereafter. Those who have bought into this type of “instant power” have never experienced true power—the power of God. While many may appear to have power from the world’s perspective, they really are weak from God’s viewpoint. This is because they lack God’s power in their lives.

There is a great difference between real power and the mirage of…

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