God’s Timetable

god-and-timeIf I could take a vote from my blog post readers, I’d be willing to guess that just about all of us aren’t too crazy about God’s timetable. We almost always want things to turn around sooner (usually much sooner) then He plans.

When I lost my job three years and three months ago, I was sure God would provide me with a new job within the first six months. When that time passed without a new job I upped it to one year. After two years passed by with no job in sight I went through a time of wondering what I had done that was so bad that God wouldn’t even give me a job after two years. And then the third year passed three months ago and there is still no job on the horizon after applying for almost 500 jobs in my field plus a number of others outside of my field.

However, what I have learned during this time could never have been learned had I not been unemployed for this long. And God has been faithful every step of the way. While my unemployment checks ran out after collecting all 99 weeks well over a year ago, and then I went through my savings this past year and had to hit my very small retirement fund to stay afloat financially, He has still provided for my every need. Need. . . not want.

During this time I’ve learned to live on a whole lot less (I put myself on a very tight budget to stretch out what money I did have) and while it’s been a tough three plus years, I like having a much simpler life where due to financial constraints I can’t be tempted to buy all the stuff “out there” that pulls at all of us in our culture of mass materialism. Well, okay . . . except for books . . . I love books, but I never buy them now unless I get a discount, and many times I get them at a BIG discount, and I always stay within the budget I have set for myself. However, I would have bought a whole lot more books during this time if I had been employed (just wanted you to know that). So you see, God has even allowed me to work in one of my “wants” during this very long time of waiting.

In Hebrews there’s a verse that we all like to quote but we usually only quote the last half of the verse (you’ll recognize it as soon as you read the whole verse). Here’s the verse: “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'” (Hebrews 13:5). Oh, how we need to remember the first part of that verse as much as we remember the last part.

So, if you are currently in a very long time of waiting, like me, and it’s gone on a whole lot longer then you ever thought it would have by now (also like me), remember this–even if the months turn into years, and even if we think God has forgotten all about us (He hasn’t), as stated in the reblogged post below, “He knows the promises He has spoken. Our responsibility is to remain faithful and to remember His timetable is not ours. Years are like moments to the Lord. Therefore, be patient, and you will experience His goodness in a tremendous way.”

I found great encouragement in this reblogged post (see below) this morning, and I hope if you’re in a very long time of waiting that you will, too. God always fulfills His promises, but He does it on His timetable–not ours.

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When we go through times of trouble, God remains at our side. When we face difficulty of any kind, He provides the strength and wisdom we need to remain steadfast and hopeful.

Feelings of uncertainty fade when we pray and seek His will. The Lord promised Abraham that he would become the father of many people. Like us, Abraham could not imagine how this would happen, especially as he grew older and Sarah became barren.

Many times, God impresses a certain promise on our hearts and minds, but what we fail to realize is that it may take years for this to come to pass. We may even sense Him preparing us for a future blessing, but as time moves on and the blessing is not realized, we begin to wonder if we misheard the Lord. This is what Abraham and Sarah did.

We may even find ourselves wondering if…

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