Champions Pray in the Dark

storm-verseWhat a powerful and comforting thought for today (see reblogged post from The Daily Way below), especially for those who are going through a very difficult time right now. I hope this is as encouraging to you as it has been to me this morning. Our help truly does come from the Lord!

Thank you, Jesus!

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The Daily Way

The true test of our character is not measured when we are on stage with the spotlight shining upon us—the true test is when no one is watching but God. Many people make the mistake of wearing their spiritual maturity on their sleeves. But God is not impressed with how many Bible verses we know or how many Sunday school lessons we teach. In fact, nothing we do can impress God.

What God desires from us more than anything is a relationship. He designed us for this. We function best when we have others around us supporting us and challenging us in our relationship with God. No relationship can thrive without communication.

In 1 Samuel chapter 22, we find David tucked away in a cave in the mountains, hiding from King Saul and his army. Day after day, he scampered through the mountains to avoid Saul’s sword. And after days…

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