Recognizing a False Prophet

Wolf in sheep's clothingThe topic of false prophets is a subject that I don’t personally write about on my blog but it is a topic that is very important to the Church-at-Large especially here in America. Many Christians in America are sorely lacking in spiritual discernment and that goes side-by-side with the whole issue of Biblical illiteracy that is so prevalent among Christians today. We tend to leave our own “learning” to others and that leaves us wide open and gullible to deadly “doctrines.”

I have reblogged a post (see below) by Anna Diehl titled, How to Recognize a False Prophet,” and it is very informative and gives several clear signs to watch for–like sitting under a preacher/teacher who is always saying what people want to hear (which is a dead giveaway but many people tend to flock to those preachers/teachers for that very reason).

The article is a good reality check that we need to heed . . . .

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