Created for Relationships

relationshipsGod created us for relationships (see reblogged post below by “The Daily Way”). Unfortunately, we live in a “Disposable Culture” (see devotion titled, “Disposable Culture,” at this link). As stated in the first two paragraphs of this devotion:

“More than ever, we live in a disposable culture. Think for a minute about some of the things that are made to be thrown away—razors, water bottles, lighters, paper plates, plastic eating utensils. Products are used, tossed, and then replaced.

“This disposable culture is also reflected in more significant ways. Many times true commitment in relationships is seen as optional. Marriages struggle to survive. Long-term employees are discharged just before retirement for cheaper options. A highly revered athlete leaves to join another team. It seems as if nothing lasts.”

Sad but so very, very true. I look back on my experience with long-term unemployment (over 5 1/2 years now) and can count the number of friendships that have either waned or died during this time. Because we live in such a transient society nowadays, it seems like anything that requires a long-term commitment is suspect and impinges on our personal freedom. Divorce and serial relationships are commonplace. Many children are raised by stepparents or live-in (for the moment) “significant others” or child care instead of being raised by their original parents (as in both of them and not just one). And the effect (now two generations strong) on the younger generations is staggering. An article dated September 24, 2014, in reports that 25% of Millenials will never get married. And the reason? It’s “partly because they don’t have jobs and partly because marriage is becoming less highly-regarded. Most people think it’s important for couples who intend to stay together to be married, but the number of single Americans who want to get married has dropped significantly even in the last four years” (quote source here).

Disposable culture. And we’ve created it, folks. We throw away relationships like we throw away plastic bottles. And this was never God’s intent. We were made for relationships; first with God, and then with others. Unfortunately, we’ve thrown away God, too. Oh, it may not look like it on the outside (after all, we have thousands of churches that dot our landscape), but we rarely consult with Him regarding anything in our personal lives, unless we need something or want Him to put His stamp of approval on something we want to do. But really getting to know Him? Well, not so much . . . and that attitude is now reflected in how we regard and often treat others. Humility is not our strong suit in America.

And we need to get back to the basics before it’s too late . . .

God first, others second, and self last . . .

Got it? Good . . . .

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The Daily Way

For the past several decades, the roles of men and women have been compared, debated, and challenged. If the numerous books and articles about the roles of men and women confuse you, you are not alone. In our society, there are conflicting ideas on the position of men and women in the workplace, the church, and in relationships, particularly marriage.

While these countless philosophies attempt to capture our attention, there is one reliable source we can turn to for answers and assurance—the inspired and infallible Word of God.

Some people see the biblical duty of a husband and wife as outmoded and obsolete. However, when we study God’s Word we gain a far greater perspective on the subject of marriage. Marriage is a complex and wonderful relationship ordained by God. In fact, He created us for relationships. God knew that it was not good for man to remain alone (Genesis…

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