A Psalm for 2020

We are now several days into the new year of 2020, and this is my first blog post for the year. To start the year off, here is a psalm that is a great way… More

A Psalm That Calms the Soul

Psalm 23 is one of the most recognized psalms in the world. It has an amazing calming effect in the midst of stress and uncertainty, and it places our focus back where it belongs. No… More

Top Ten Psalms

I must confess that this blog post comes from another blog post published in 2012 titled, “Top 10 Psalms” (the author also has a Twitter page which is located at the following Twitter account: @biblesummary). The… More

Psalm 25

In my last blog post, “Anatomy of the Soul,” I mentioned the great benefit that comes from reading and praying the Psalms in the Old Testament. While we can relate to many of the Psalms… More

Psalm 138

On this first day of July, 2016, I thought I’d start off the month with a psalm of David–specifically, Psalm 138. And here it is (NKJV): The Lord’s Goodness to the Faithful Psalm 138 A… More

Psalm 121

While I’m not writing long blog posts right now, I have taken a shining to blogging a few of my favorite psalms. The first one was Psalm 23 published on June 5, 2016. I’d like… More

My Favorite Psalm

I’m taking a break from blog post writing while I’m doing some traveling. I might write some short blogs like this one on my smartphone but I really need to use my laptop for the… More

Psalm 27 for the Weary

This morning as I fired up the laptop one more time, a familiar blue screen appeared as it always does right before the login screen appears. The message on the blue screen states, “Please wait .… More