Celebrating Purim 5778 (2018)

The Jewish holiday of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th day of the month of Adar on the Hebrew calendar and it is a very joyous celebration of victory for the Jews over their enemies. On our Western calendar, this year… More

Celebrating Purim 5775 (2015)

Today, March 5, 2015, is the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Purim. The following blog post below was written a year ago on Purim 2014. The only changes that has been made in it… More

Celebrating Purim 2014

The Jewish holiday of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th day of the month of Adar on the Hebrew calendar and it is a celebration of victory for the Jews over their enemies. On our… More

Divinely Orchestrated

This year of 2020 has certainly turned out to be a year we won’t soon forget, and we are only half way through it right now. This past week I was thrilled to discover that… More

Tisha B’Av 5778 (2018)

Today, July 21, 2018, is Tisha B’Av (the 9th of Av) on the Jewish calendar. I first wrote about it in a blog post titled “Tisha B’Av and 9/11” on July 29, 2012, and I subsequently reposted that… More

Celebrating Hanukkah

Today starting at sundown marks the beginning of the first day of the eight days of Hanukkah (Chanukah)–December 12-20, 2017. Hanukkah is one of the more recognizable celebrations of Jewish tradition and is not religious in nature.… More

Strangers Among Us

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” This quote was made famous by “Pogo,” a comic strip character created by Walt Kelly (1913-1973) back at a time when environmental issues took front and center stage… More

Free At Last

During the next several days ending on Sunday, March 27, 2016, we will be celebrating several events here in America that encompass one of the greatest themes known to humankind–deliverance. Also known as “Passion Week” (the… More

Links To All Blog Posts

Table of Contents Below is a list of the blog posts on this blog starting from the first post published in July 2011 to the most current blog post. Currently there are 700+ blog posts… More

All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post titled, “A Month of Happiness,” regarding the Jewish month of Adar. It is about the story of Esther from the Old Testament. The month of Adar was “the time when… More