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The Gospel of John

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God’s Offer to Us

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The Gospel Cannot Be Contained

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The Cost of Discipleship

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Holy, Holy, Holy

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The Perfect Gift for Anytime

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In God We Trust–True or False?

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When Silence Is Golden

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God of Wonders

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Testify to Love

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A Matter of Justice

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Miracles Follow the Plow

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Seizing the Day

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The God Who Is There

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Not Negotiable

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Faith, Obedience, and a Lighter Burden

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Put Away Compromise

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I come from the world of academia. For over twenty years I worked at colleges and universities, large and small, private and public, primarily secular but also Christian. I wasn’t a professor or faculty due to the fact that my master’s degree isn’t in a typical academic field (my M.S. is in Higher Education/Student Personnel Services). However, I was professional staff and I worked with a variety of students (primarily adult students) as well as having other responsibilities during those years. Given that fact, it’s hard for me to write anything that doesn’t try to help my readers (including myself) to think beyond our ordinary, day-to-day lives. We all have a tendency to get into a rut, and one of the great things about having spent my professional career working at colleges and universities is that if one does “get in a rut,” it’s by their own choice as there are many things on a continuing basis taking place on college campuses that invite participation.

When I lost my career eight years ago (regular readers of my blog know the story), I found that the longer I went without finding another job, the more I knew I needed to have some kind of creative outlet, and that is when this blog was born back in July 2010. Also, since I am a Christian, I knew it needed it’s core purpose firmly planted in a Christian worldview. At the beginning back in 2010 it was a bit shaky getting started as I was new to blogging at that time, and I spent the first year “experimenting” with it. I eventually deleted all the posts I had written up through April 2011 (very short posts and mostly in a diary format) as there was no consistency–no common theme holding them together. Three months later in July 2011, I fired my blog back up and this time it just took off. I mean it seriously took off and it has been going strong all this time.  There are currently almost 500 blog posts on my blog, and I can honestly say that in all this time until I actually sat down and composed each post, I had no idea what I was going to write. I like the mystery of not knowing in advance.

I have always been an avid reader, mostly of nonfiction. And as my readers know, I quote heavily from other authors, mostly famous, as I’ve never been one to think I needed to “reinvent the wheel” with my own words on a topic that others have expressed far more eloquently (and in many cases with much more knowledge and experience) then I could do. I always give credit where credit is due, and the great thing about blog writing is one can instantly “link” to the author and source of the quotes and articles (e.g., and a mere click on the link will send the reader to the author/source). Had I not been living in the age of the internet, none of this would have been possible.

I mention this bit of personal background as I am aware that there are many different “thoughts” on Christian living outside of the realm of the essentials of the Christian faith (the “essentials” are the core of what one must believe to be Christian). And I am aware that some of what I post might unsettle some readers as they may not agree (however, I don’t write to unsettle anyone as I’m writing to provide information). Also, I am not into legalism and I never intend for anything I write to sound legalistic. My intent has always been to bring up topics as they come to me, and quote others more knowledgeable than myself when writing about them. More than anything, I want the posts to be thought-provoking as that comes from my academic background. That’s the primary reason behind anything that I write. Well . . . that, and the fact that since I’ve been unemployed since 2009, I’ve had time on my hands and needed a creative way to fill it. (This introduction was revised on March 25, 2017.)

Additional information is available on my page titled, A Little About Me.” All of the blog posts contained in this blog are listed by title in a Table of Contents and linked for easy access on one page available at this link. This page is also listed at the top of this blog titled Links To All Blog Posts.”

Thank you very much for visiting my site! It’s a writer’s dream and privilege to have readers . . . and that means you!


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This blog last updated on March 28, 2017

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Five Vows for Spiritual Power – A.W. Tozer

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