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I started this blog in July 2010 as a way to journal my experiences with long term unemployment as I lost my job at the peak of a major recession that occurred back in 2008-09 (I lost it in April 2009), and I was never able to secure another job in my professional field.

For over two decades I worked in Academia at colleges and universities, large and small, public and private, secular and Christian, in the area of Student Affairs/Student Services. And then, without warning, my career in academia ended prematurely in April 2009, and my extensive years’ long job search from that point on never produced another job. So I guess you could say I’m officially retired at this point in time. Additional information is available on my Author Biopage.

When I started this blog, Sara’s Musings,” in July 2010, I ended up deleting my first several months of blog posts in April 2011 as I was just getting the hang of writing blog posts, and most of those first posts sounded like a personal diary. However, three months later in July 2011, I fired my blog back up, and this time it just took off, and I am still publishing on it over a decade (and 800+ blog posts) later. All of the blog posts on this blog are listed by year and title in a Table of Contents page at this link (also available at the top of this blog titled Links To All Blog Posts”). In April 2018, I created a second blog titled,Sara’s Reflections,” on WordPress (click here to go to that blog). The latest blog post published on each blog is listed below:


“Sara’s Musings”: The 2nd Chapter of Acts
(published on May 23, 2023)

“Sara’s Reflections”: “The 50 Days of Easter
(published on May 8, 2023)



“Sara’s Musings”: “What’s It All About, Alfie?
(published on April 13, 2023)

YouTube Video: “God, Turn It Around” by Jon Reddick feat. Matt Maher:

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